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Latest Resources & Information from State Response Team on Care Coordination (MOA Newsletter 11/18/2022)

Response team meetings are ongoing and MOA leadership & staff are involved in these efforts.

    • Here are a few key takeaways from the latest meeting:
      • The large majority of affected patients have now had at least one episode of care. An estimated 63 patients remain "unaccounted for" (down about 50% from last week). Providers were encouraged to review scripts and ensure any refills are not affected by the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.
      • Some have reported issues in getting scripts filled from pharmacies or issues with exemption codes -- Anne-Marie Toderico, MaineCare Pharmacy Director can assist in triaging any of these issues, should they occur call (207) 624-6948
      • York hospital and Southern Maine Healthcare have focused on providing bridging scripts and are now starting to think about longer term placements.
      • Many individual practices and organizations have stepped in to assist in care coordination efforts and were thanked for these efforts
      • The OBH also houses Maine Prescription Monitoring Program and in rare instances reports prescribing records to respective licensing boards. They are clearly aware of the current situation and is disaggregating future prescriptions from previous entries within the PMP. DEA has provided a statement attempting to provide reassurance to physicians with trepidations about caring for the patients, which was shared in last week's newsletter.
      • Mitigating and documentation strategies are crucial for many providers to feel more confident in managing patients on opioids, especially with how public this case has become. The key is to
        • Run the PMP and document that you did it (you can print off a copy using the pdf feature on the website and scan it in the chart),
        • Document the five A’s (analgesia, activities, affect, abhorrent behavior, and adverse effects (too sleepy, constipated), and
        • Give them Narcan and document that you taught them and/or their family how to use it. Other things that a prescriber could do that might further insulate them would be checking a urine drug screen (UDS) and include it in the medical record
        • Check how you compare. Anyone who issues controlled substances prescriptions can review their prescribing history to see where they may be along the spectrum of their own specialty area in the PMP using the "Prescriber report" feature. 
      • Sweetser's hotline for appropriate patient referrals remains open: 207-294-4911
      • REMINDER: Additional resources for Primary Care and Pain Management (or both integrated) are still needed -- contact the MOA if you or your practice has additional capacity to take on referral patients. (even just 1-2 patients!)


    • A comprehensive document outlining Resources for Prescribers Regarding Controlled Substance Prescribing and Responding to Disruptions in Care is also now available and is linked here. (
    • The Maine Substance Use Disorders Learning Community also has many resources on their homepage: 
    • ME SUD 6 week Rapid ECHO to begin the week after Thanksgiving -- more info here
    • Virtual Office Hours with Eric Haram, LADC and Eva Quirion, NP, Ph.D. | Managing Chronic Pain and OUD

      • Tuesday, November 22, 12:00-12:30 p.m. REGISTER

      • Tuesday, November 29, 12:00-12:30 p.m. REGISTER

    • Recordings:
      • COCA Call on 11/17 discussing the new 2022 CDC Clinical Practice Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Pain is now available here.
      • Dr. Mock and Ben Townsend's Medical Legal Update via the ME SUD learning community held on 11/14 is available here 
      • When a Patient with Chronic Pain Loses their provider webinar recording here

Contact the MOA at 207-623-1101 or by email to Amanda Richards, Executive Director at [email protected] if you have additional questions, concerns or suggestions. We are here for you. These resources and updates can be found on the MOA website here for easy access 

A Message to the MOA Community from your MOA Executive Board -- MOA Newsletter 10/28/2022

We know that our community is reeling from the news of the last 36 hours after an osteopathic physician who practices in Kennebunk was arrested Wednesday and charged with illegally distributing opioids and other controlled substances.

We cannot speak to the allegations or charges under investigation. However, we know Dr. Norris as a well-respected addiction medicine specialist with extensive credentials and as an advocate for evidence-based medicine and compassionate patient care.


We are concerned about the manner in which the New England Prescription Opioid Task Force performed this arrest and the realized and potential negative repercussions for our members. As such, the MOA Executive Board has met to discuss what we can do for you, our members.

For one, we know that this case has created a disruption of care for many vulnerable patients in Southern Maine. Please see below for an advisory from the Prescription Monitoring Program which outlines some recommendations should you or your practice encounter these patients.

We are also working with our legal team and the MOA’s legislative committee to explore the issues of downstream repercussions and precedents this recent event may set. 

We believe in the osteopathic philosophy, which is centered on the premise that physicians partner with their patients to help them achieve wellness.  

We believe in our members being empowered to practice medicine to the full scope of their professional abilities.  We know that Osteopathic physicians take their oaths and responsibilities very seriously.  

We also believe in regulatory bodies, like our Osteopathic licensing board, providing necessary checks and balances, and that these must be fair and equitable in their delivery, keeping continuity of care for patients and the professionalism that comes with the osteopathic oath in mind.  However, actions which chill physicians’ professional responsibilities ought to be avoided.

These are the things on our hearts and minds. We’re providing some additional follow-up information below.

We want to assure and remind members that we are here supporting you through your practice of medicine, whatever your specialty, here in the state of Maine.

Your MOA Executive Board

Brian Kaufman, DO -- President

Jodie Hermann, DO -- President-Elect

Kathryn Brandt, DO -- Treasurer

David Scaccia, DO -- Immediate Past President

Additional Resources

Resources on continuity of care:

  • Please click here for an advisory from the Prescription Monitoring Program which outlines some recommendations should you or your practice encounter these patients.
  • Webinar Opportunity –When a patient with chronic pain loses their provider: Compassionate and Evidence-based responses Wednesday November 2, 2022 12:00-1:00PM – Faculty Noah Nesin, MD and Elisabeth Fowlie Mock, MD, Click to register


What is the NEPO Strike Force?

  • The NEPO Strike Force was formed in June 2022 and says its mission is to locate, investigate, and prosecute health care fraud schemes in New England and those who engage in the illegal distribution of prescription opioids. The 10/26 arrest was the first for the NEPO since its launch this summer.
  • It operates as a partnership between prosecutors and data analysts with the Fraud Section’s Health Care Fraud Unit, prosecutors with the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, and special agents with HHS-OIG, DEA, and the FBI. It operates out of the Concord, New Hampshire area, supporting the three districts that make up the NEPO Strike Force region. In addition, the NEPO Strike Force works closely with other federal and state law enforcement agencies, including the State Medicaid Fraud Control Units.

What can concerned members do?

  • We recommend individuals concerned about the treatment of physicians who prescribe controlled substances and treat SUD reach out to their congressional representatives to explain these concerns and call for action. You can find and connect with your legislators via the MOA Advocacy Center.

MOA statement in response to Roe v. Wade overturn

Statement from MOA President Brian Kaufman, DO, and Board of Directors (June 28th, 2022):

The recent decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling, has caused us to reflect on the values that are central to our patients, health care, individual rights and our roles as osteopathic physicians.

As osteopathic physicians we are trained to look at the whole person, which includes their body, mind, spiritual beliefs, family dynamics and values and to support and honor our patients' views, justice and autonomy.

The recent decision by SCOTUS has the potential for profound impacts across the nation, in our state and into our exam rooms and will disproportionately affect minority and lower socioeconomic populations.

In this spirit, the Maine Osteopathic Association (MOA) remains dedicated:

1. to support of the rights of all our patients, as they navigate the complicated personal circumstances around pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and safety;

2. maintaining the integrity and privacy of the patient-physician relationship and resisting governmental intrusion into that space;

3. opposition to any state action that attempts to criminalize or impose civil penalties on physicians for the performance of their roles;

4. maintaining, or improving the rights of our patients, free from bias and with equity and dignity.

Maine law protects the right of women to avoid being forced to maintain pregnancy and to give birth. Any future actions to restrict those rights will be opposed. We will stand in opposition to other actions proposed to restrict other individual rights, that may affect other marginalized populations.

Maine osteopathic physicians work diligently throughout the state to provide the best care for their patients and the MOA remains committed to working to maintain the ability to continue delivering excellent care.

Contact Info:
[email protected]

29 Association Drive
PO Box 315
Manchester, ME 04351


New Website Launched to Promote Physician-Led Care in Maine: Visit!

October 27th, 2021

Earlier this year, MOA partnered with the Maine Medical Association, and several other medical societies and healthcare organizations to address the growing trend of scope of practice expansion. We collectively formed the Partnership for Expert Care and are jointly leading a communication campaign to help educate Maine people about this important topic.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Partnership for Expert Care website at!

The goal of this website is to raise awareness about the benefits of physician-led healthcare. The website will help visitors:

  1.  Understand the roles of different medical providers
  2.  Learn how providers collaborate to deliver the best care
  3.  Inform patients why the unique qualifications that physicians have make them the most qualified to lead the healthcare team.

Together, let us spread the word about this important topic. Visit to learn more, share your thoughts, and take action.

As part of the campaign, we will be developing a communication “toolkit” that will include social media posts, white papers, videos, e-mails, newsletter articles and other materials that can be disseminated through a variety of channels.

What Can You DO to Help?

We would like to ask for your help in spreading the word about this important topic by sharing these messages through your organization’s communication outlets and/or personal networks. If you are interested in providing your own person statement, serving as a spokesperson or writing an Op Ed, please contact MOA Executive Director Amanda Richards or visit the “Take Action” section of our website for more information.

 Read More.



A Message from Your MOA President Brian Kaufman, DO

Adapted from Dr. Kaufman's remarks at UNE COM White Coat Ceremony October 10, 2021)

Recently, we celebrated Maine's Indigenous People’s Day. There is also a National handbag day, National angel food cake day, National cake decorating day, and most importantly International World Mental Health Day. But for the MOA, every day is an opportunity to share and support the great work of Maine's Osteopathic Physicians.

As the President of the Maine Osteopathic Association, which is an advocacy organization, I want us to take a moment to reflect upon the following questions: What is advocacy? Why is it important? Here are my answers: Advocacy is a voice at the table that demands to be heard. Advocacy is working behind the scenes on your behalf. Advocacy is having someone take care of you.  

Read the full message on the Blog.


MOA Supports Gov Mills COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Most Healthcare Workers

August 12th, 2021  via E-Newsletter

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC), utilizing their authority under existing law to require certain vaccinations of people who work in health care settings, issued an emergency rule yesterday 8/12 that will require health care workers to be fully vaccinated by October 1, 2021. This timeframe provides health care workers the next five weeks to receive their needed shots.

Says MOA President Brian Kaufman, DO "Our patients deserve whatever protection we can offer and for this reason the Maine osteopathic association is in favor of mandatory vaccination of workers in healthcare to ensure patient safety and hasten the decline of the pandemic."

Read more on the Blog!


MOA Inaugurates New President, Honors 2020 & 2021 Awardees at 110th Annual Convention

The MOA Convened at The Samoset Resort June 12, 2021 to host the Annual Convention live and live-streamed. More then 150 attendees joined us either in person or virtually. We inaugurated a new President Brian Kaufman, DO and honored awardees. Read more on the Blog!


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